Red Sox Optimist – 1999

1999 Season Record: 31-19-2

The Sox finally got the monkey off their back in 1999. Making their fourth straight trip to the League Championship Series and their sixth in franchise history, manager Ed Riedel finally led the Red Sox to the promised land.

By the middle of the season, many of the Red Sox faithful had figured that the Sox run of championship series appearances was coming to an end. After several of the Sox veteran players retired after the 1998 season, some figured 1999 would be a year of rebuilding.

Although the Red Sox had picked up several very talented rookies in the likes of Frank Anderson, Casey Long and Toby Ranck, they found themselves five games below .500 in the middle of June with no signs of relief in sight.

The the youngsters started to click and they made a run in the second half of the season.

After a hard fought semi-final series against Memory 21, which the Sox edged 3-games-to-2, the Red Sox were primed to face long time rival Clover Park in the Championship Series.

The young Sox made a statement by sweeping Clover Park 3-games-to-none to bring home their first ever League Championship.

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